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We take great pride in the quality and results of our work, and we take very seriously the fine art of barbering. Our barbers are all seasoned experts in a wide range of men’s and young men’s haircuts, hairstyles, and beard trims. We do it all, from your child’s first haircut to the latest trending styles for the professional man on-the-go, all the way through to classic senior haircuts.

Attention to detail is our differentiator – our barbers listen to and make mental notes of what you want and like, how you prefer your hair tapered in back, how straight the neckline is, which clipper attachments are used, how even the sideburns are. You’ll not find a finer men’s haircut in California; perhaps not anywhere.

From the authentic barber chairs, our old-fashioned hot lather and straightedge razor shaves to our relaxing scalp massages, Basement Barber sets a new standard for barbering. We are barbering at its best. Whether you’re looking for a traditional haircut or a more contemporary style, we invite you to visit our shop and experience for yourself why Basement Barber is truly a cut above the rest!

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Hair Wash & Scalp Massage

We wash your hair and then massage the scalp with a special massager that leaves the skin feeling vibrant and alive.

Behind meticulous work lies attention to detail...

We're Driven by One Slogan: "Barbering at Its Best"

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Barber (& Enjoys Humming)
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